Things to do in Santa Ana, CA

Santa Ana, CA is the county seat of Orange County and a bustling city with a rich cultural heritage. Known for its historic architecture, vibrant arts scene, and diverse population, Santa Ana offers a mix of residential neighborhoods, commercial districts, and cultural attractions. The city embraces its Hispanic and Mexican influences, evident in its culinary offerings, street art, and annual events. Santa Ana is home to institutions like the Bowers Museum and the Santa Ana Zoo, contributing to its status as a cultural hub within the region. With a lively downtown area, numerous parks, and a central location in Orange County, Santa Ana provides residents and visitors with a dynamic and diverse urban experience.

Bowers Museum

2002 N Main St, Santa Ana, CA 92706

Bowers Museum in Santa Ana, California, stands as a cultural cornerstone, offering a captivating journey through art, history, and anthropology. Renowned for its diverse exhibits, the museum showcases a broad range of artifacts and artworks, spanning cultures from around the world. The stunning architecture of the Bowers Museum itself is an attraction, providing an elegant backdrop for the extensive collections within. Visitors can explore everything from ancient civilizations to contemporary art, with a particular emphasis on the cultural heritage of Orange County and the Pacific Rim. With its commitment to education, community engagement, and enriching experiences, Bowers Museum remains a revered institution, contributing to the cultural vibrancy of Santa Ana and beyond.

Discovery Cube

2500 N Main St, Santa Ana, CA 92705

Discovery Cube in Santa Ana, California, is a dynamic science center dedicated to hands-on learning and interactive exploration for visitors of all ages. This family-friendly institution offers a myriad of exhibits and activities that make science engaging and accessible. From interactive displays on physics and technology to immersive experiences in the ecosystems of Southern California, Discovery Cube fosters curiosity and education. The Cube also features a variety of educational programs, live demonstrations, and seasonal exhibits, making it a hub for STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) education. With its emphasis on experiential learning and a commitment to inspiring the next generation of innovators, Discovery Cube stands as a vibrant and educational destination in the heart of Santa Ana.

Santa Ana Zoo

1801 E Chestnut Ave, Santa Ana, CA 92701

Santa Ana Zoo in Santa Ana, California, is a charming and family-friendly destination that brings the wonders of the animal kingdom to life. Spanning over 20 acres, the zoo is home to a diverse array of species, from exotic birds to rare mammals. Noted for its unique “50 Monkeys in 50 Palm Trees” exhibit, the Santa Ana Zoo provides an immersive experience for visitors of all ages. Beyond the animal exhibits, the zoo offers attractions like the Zoofari Express train and a conservation carousel, adding an element of fun to the educational experience. With its commitment to conservation and engaging exhibits, Santa Ana Zoo stands as a beloved community resource, offering a delightful and educational escape into the natural world.

MainPlace Mall

2800 N Main St, Santa Ana, CA 92705

MainPlace Mall in Santa Ana, California, is a bustling shopping destination that combines retail therapy with a vibrant atmosphere. With a diverse mix of stores, from popular brands to specialty boutiques, the mall caters to a wide range of shopping preferences. Its spacious layout and contemporary design provide a welcoming environment for visitors to explore the latest fashion trends, home goods, and more. MainPlace Mall also features a variety of dining options, making it a well-rounded destination for a day of shopping and dining. With its central location in Orange County and ongoing efforts to enhance the shopping experience, MainPlace Mall remains a popular and dynamic hub for locals and visitors alike in Santa Ana

Lyon Air Museum

19300 Ike Jones Rd, Santa Ana, CA 92707

Lyon Air Museum in Santa Ana, California, is a captivating institution that preserves and showcases vintage military aircraft, vehicles, and memorabilia from World War II. Founded by General William Lyon, a decorated military pilot and accomplished businessman, the museum offers a nostalgic journey into aviation history. Visitors can marvel at a collection of meticulously restored aircraft, including iconic planes like the Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress and the Douglas DC-3. The museum also features exhibits highlighting the contributions of the Greatest Generation and the technological advancements of the era. With its dedication to honoring the legacy of aviation and military history, Lyon Air Museum provides an immersive experience that educates and inspires in the heart of Santa Ana.

The Kellogg House

3101 W Harvard St, Santa Ana, CA 92704

The Kellogg House in Santa Ana, California, is a historic gem that reflects the city’s rich agricultural past. Built in the late 19th century by Hiram Clay Kellogg, a prominent figure in Orange County’s citrus industry, the house stands as a testament to the region’s agricultural heritage. This Victorian farmhouse, surrounded by lush gardens, exudes charm with its ornate detailing and period furnishings. Now preserved and maintained by the Orange County Parks Department, The Kellogg House serves as a living museum, offering guided tours that transport visitors back in time. With its well-preserved architecture and educational programs, the house provides a glimpse into the bygone era of citrus ranching and contributes to the cultural fabric of Santa Ana.

4th Street Market

201 E 4th St, Santa Ana, CA 92701

4th Street Market in Santa Ana, California, is a culinary haven that redefines the traditional food hall experience. Nestled in the heart of downtown, this innovative marketplace showcases a diverse array of eateries, artisanal vendors, and communal spaces. From gourmet tacos to handcrafted desserts, 4th Street Market offers a delectable journey through a wide range of culinary delights. Its modern and industrial-chic design, coupled with communal seating, creates a vibrant and social atmosphere, making it a popular gathering spot for food enthusiasts and locals. With a commitment to showcasing local talent and fostering a dynamic gastronomic community, 4th Street Market stands as a hub where diverse flavors and culinary creativity converge in the lively scene of Santa Ana.

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