Top 6 Most Popular Kitchen Layouts

20 - October - 2020

Top 6 Most Popular Kitchen Layouts

If asked, everyone would be desirous of a classy, enough storage and working space in the kitchen. However, planning on the best kitchen layouts is not a one-day achievement as few prerequisites should be put in place. They include your desired kitchen size, cabinets, and appliances to have the best kitchen layout. Basically, kitchen layouts are the shape made from the arrangement of your countertops, storage space, and your working area.

Nevertheless, when designing your kitchen cabinets are the most crucial aspect that determines its overall layout. While floor plans create more space for your kitchen, the best layout can be enhanced with the right cabinet and design depending on your kitchen’s size.
According to the kitchen, the interior design experts below mentioned are trending layouts worth your review and the best match to your preferences.

One Wall Kitchen Layout

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The one wall kitchen layout is a kitchen build into the linear wall. This kitchen layout is commonly found in small houses and apartments, for they conserve space and reduces the cost of construction. A one-wall kitchen has all the cabinets, countertops, and the appliances on one wall to allow you to carry out all kitchen tasks in a single workspace.

Due to its limited space, you will commonly find that a wall contains a range and a compact refrigerator, frequently separated by a sink. Today, this layout is becoming common for homeowners who want an open kitchen, and it’s convenient if you’re going to cook and clean on a single space. The one-wall kitchen layout is the cheapest layout to install, as it costs approximately $1,000 to install.

Galley Kitchen Layout

The Galley Kitchen layout is the most common and classic kitchen layouts deployed in the 21st century. The Galley Kitchen layout provides two-walled storage, and it’s most preferred small space consumption and yet offers a large storage space. This is because the working stations and cabinets face each other. On the other hand, it reduces the working space creating more room for the backyard and the dining area. This layout is efficient for small homes owing to its narrow footprint. It’s also the best layout of severe cooks as all the kitchen tools are stored within a short distance. Besides, this gallery kitchen layout is pocket friendly, for it costs as little as $5000 to remodel a small size kitchen and $60000 for a large size kitchen.

L-Shaped Kitchen Layout

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The L-shaped kitchen layout is the most classic and popular kitchen design in most homes. This layout is highly flexible and can be installed in different sizes and different kitchen designs. This layout creates an efficient kitchen triangle with a sink, refrigerator, and stove in a classic three-point shape space. The cabinet runs along one wall and continues to the next adjacent wall offering a great and flexible placement of appliances and working area. This kitchen layout is best preferred if you have separate kitchens, for it provides free space while still making use of the corner space. When it comes to the installation cost, this layout will cost you from $7400 going up.

U-Shaped Kitchen Layout

You can agree with the fact that most people require massive space in their kitchen. If you are also ambitious about the same, then the U-shaped kitchen is the best choice for you. This layout can work best in both small and large spaces, provided you design it appropriately. The U-shape kitchen is perfect, for it offers efficient working tops on three sides of the wall. Installing a U-shaped layout design for your kitchen offers you plenty of storage space, working and moment space, and more room for appliances. This is ideal if you like spending time in the kitchen, making meals and baking, and using the kitchen with someone else at the same time. It approximately costs $10,000 to get the U-shaped kitchen layout.

The Island Kitchen Layout

The Island kitchen is one of the most trending modern kitchen designs. The island kitchen layout is the heart center of your home; however, if you plan to install an island in your kitchen, you must have a large space to accommodate it. The best thing about an Island is it can be combined with other kitchen types, such as the U and L-shaped kitchen layout, provided that your kitchen is spacious. After adding an Island in your kitchen, you can either use it as a storage space, preparation spaces, and a dining table. In most cases, this layout is embraced by open-plan homes where it works perfectly and creates a natural traffic flow in the kitchen area. To get a new Island Kitchen layout, you will have to part with $ 10,000 for the best design.

Peninsula Kitchen Layout

As the name suggests, adding a Peninsula in the kitchen is like adding an Island which is connected to the rest of the kitchen or the wall. If you dream of having a kitchen island, but you don’t have enough space to accommodate one, this layout is the best option for you. This layout offers the same benefits as the Island layout, extra workspace, storage, and socializing space. The only difference is that the Peninsula can fail to fit in small kitchen sizes. However, you can incorporate a peninsula into your kitchen by understanding how to install it; and enjoy the Island life no matter your kitchen layout. It will cost you $3,300 to get a peninsula of 24 square feet only with cabinets and a seating countertop.

Being the heart of your home, you need a convenient kitchen layout offering sufficient storage and working space. Getting the best kitchen layout is an essential thing to ensure you deliver the best in the kitchen. A perfect kitchen layout makes a huge difference in getting the most out of your kitchen space. Therefore, you require getting the right cabinet height, space for movement, and storage space to enjoy every moment in your kitchen.

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